About Us



Y’all Sweet Tea was created with 1 goal in mind: Deliver True Southern Sweet Tea to as many people as possible!

            In 2015, we started traveling to festivals and Farmers Markets with a truck full of Mayo Jars and freshly Steeped Sweet Tea. We knew that our family recipe made the BEST Sweet tea, and we wanted to serve it to everyone! After 2 years of traveling, we knew 2 things: Our customers agreed that our tea was great, BUT doing events was NOT the best way to spread it to the masses.

            In 2020, we created our own blend of Black Teas that complimented our recipe and one that we believe is the best in the industry. We also started on a complete brand overhaul. Our Logo, Marketing Material, and how we would sell the product all changed.

            On April 10, 2021, we launched what you see now. Y’all Sweet Tea in gallon sized bags that you can purchase and make the EXACT same tea that our family makes! This process has allowed us to reach hundreds of thousands of people and better achieve our very first mission statement: “Deliver True Southern Sweet Tea to as many people as possible!”

            Our future includes a Monthly Subscription service, innovative flavors and sizes of tea, custom drinkware, getting our products into retail, and continuing to make people smile over a great glass of tea! 

            If you are new to our brand, please give our tea a shot! It does not come presweetened, so add as much or little sweetener as you’d like. Our family recipe is on the back of the bag, and this blend works best if you make it exactly like we do!


Thank You for stopping by, and remember, “One Glass ‘N You’ll Be Back!”