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How to Make Sweet Tea in the Sun: A Traditional Brewing Method

How to Make Sweet Tea in the Sun: A Traditional Brewing Method

Making sweet tea in the sun is a cherished tradition that yields a uniquely flavorful beverage. To prepare sun tea, begin by filling a large glass container with water and adding tea bags or loose tea leaves. Place the container in a sunny spot outdoors, allowing the tea to steep and infuse with sunlight for several hours. The gentle heat from the sun extracts the flavors from the tea leaves, resulting in a smooth and mellow brew. Once the tea reaches the desired strength, remove the tea bags or strain the leaves and sweeten the tea to taste with sugar or your preferred sweetener. Serve the sun tea over ice for a refreshing and nostalgic drink that captures the essence of lazy summer days spent outdoors.


Making sweet tea in the sun is not only a delightful way to brew tea but also a nod to tradition and the simple pleasures of life. The slow infusion process allows the flavors to develop gradually, resulting in a beverage that's rich in depth and complexity. Whether enjoyed solo on a quiet afternoon or shared with friends and family at a backyard gathering, sun tea evokes memories of carefree days and the joys of summertime relaxation. By embracing this time-honored method of tea brewing, individuals can savor every sip of sweet tea and appreciate the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

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